PERSONAL       Professor

          HISTORY        Art Center College of Design  (BPA with Honors)

Master of the College  (The second person in the history of Art

Center to be so named)

            Recipient of the First Faculty Award (Elected by the faculty of Art

            Center College of Design)

            Seventeen Great Teacher Awards (Elected by students of Art

            Center College of Design)

            Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Illustrators of

            Los Angeles

                                    Birth date:May 13,  1934


                                    Marital Status            Married

                                    Wife                            Hiroko Ii (Julie)

                                    Military Service          USMC, 1952-1955, Sergeant. 

Service in Korea

       ACADEMIC       Major:                        Illustration


                                    Bachelor of Professional Arts, with honors, 1959

                                    Art Center School, now Art Center College of Design

                                    First recipient of the Stan Reckless Scholarship.

       TEACHING       Art Center College of Design, 1988 to the present

   EXPERIENCE                  Advanced Illustration

                                                Advanced Sketching for Illustration


                                                Intro to Head Painting

                                                Head Drawing

                                                Entertainment Design

                                                Visual Communication 3

                                                Visual Communication 5

                                                Communication Sketching


                                                Matte Painting

                                                Architectural Design 1 and 2

                                                Composition and Painting

        FURTHER         Otis College of Art and Design, Fall 1997-Spring 1999


EXPERIENCE                     Drawing and Content

                                                Drawing and Painting

                                    Universal Studios Design and Development

                                                Painting from costumed models

                                    Animation Institute of Los Angeles, 1996-1999


                                                Head painting

SPECIALIZED         Acrylic, gouache, oil painting, epoxy and bronze sculpture.

SKILLS          Capable of quick demonstrations of seascape, landscape, underwater scenes, vehicles, figure painting examples in the  classroom without reference and in response to student requests.

              WORK         Gilfillan Electronics, 1960-1961

EXPERIENCE          Initially employed as a technical artist and later, as an illustrator,

executed color art of radars in various exotic locations.

North American Aviation, Space and Information Systems Division,  1961-1963

Extensive paintings of Apollo moon missions including a film called “The Apollo Mission” made before the hardware existed.

Awards during this period:

First Place for color illustration from TIMA X (Technical Illustration Management Association, tenth annual exhibition).

Third Place for color Illustration TIMA X

First Place for color Illustration TIMA 11                                  

                                    Graphics West Corporation,  1963-1964


Produced artwork for Garrett Corporation, Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, and Northrop.

Universal Studios,  1965-1968

Motion Picture Production Illustrator for movies, TV and theme park design.

     “Thoroughly Modern Millie”  (Julie Anderson, Mary Tyler Moore)  Designed the color theme for the film and   

       painted production renderings.

       “Colossus: The Forbin Project” (Eric Braden, Susan Clark)      

       Design of matte shots to be executed by Al Whitlock

      “Gambit” (Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine)

       Production paintings

       "Winning” (Paul Newman)

       Prop paintings and production paintings

      “Skullduggery” (Burt Reynolds)

      Character design and production paintings.

      “Hellfighters” (John Wayne)

       Production paintings.

      “Ironsides” TV Series (Raymond Burr)

       Executed a prop painting of an undiscovered Leonardo Da Vinci painting.

      And many more.

Great Southwest Corporation, 1968-1970

Designs of facades and thrill rides for Six Flags Parks.

Recretects,  1970-1972

Vice President

Extensive design and illustration for Universal Studios Tours and other theme parks and wax museums.

    FREELANCE        Gary Meyer Illustration and Gary Meyer, Inc.

CAREER      1960-1997 (Freelance from 1960 is concurrent with regular employment).


                        During this period paintings were produced for a diverse group of clients including motion picture production art and movie ad art for Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Warner  Bros., Disney, MGM, Twentieth Century Fox, New World Studios and other studios.  Album cover art for CBS Records, Electra Asylum and A&M Records.  Other clients were Levis, Apple Computer, Hughes Helicopters, Garrett Corporation, Lockheed, New West Magazine, Readers Digest, Random House Books, Warner books, Victor Books and others.

Entertainment Design Consultation

“Star Trek, The Motion Picture”  Working with Doug Trumbull.  Conceived many different configurations for the cloud surrounding VGER.

“2010”  Supplemental design  of some technical areas in the ward room and in the pod bay of the space craft Leonev. Production Designer, Al Brenner.

“The Thing” Various Character design explorations with the Director, John Carpenter and Production Designer John Lloyd.

“Supertrain” TV series. Design of the train with various renderings of the vehicle in different environments.  The interiors were designed by another Art Center Alumnus, Jim Teagarden.  Production Design by Ned Parsons.

“Star Wars”  Continuity art for the opening scene and some of the scenes in the Death Star trench at the end of the film.

Wax Museum Shinjuku district in Tokyo, Japan.  Design of sets. Sculpted fifteen heads of  Japanese and European personalities on location in Tokyo.

“Seafari” Motion based ride.  Original design of  1930’s interior of vehicle (later modernized).  Visualization of various scenes.

Wakayama Project Visual development of various shows and rides. Design and visualization of themed auditorium.

Jurassic Park Ride Early conceptualization and visual development of the project in consultation with Steven Spielberg.  Conceived prior to the production of the motion picture.

“Day of the Locust” Designed and supervised construction of  some of the sets while working with director, John Schlessinger and Production Designer, John Lloyd.  Visual development and design of mattes.  Final mattes by Al Whitlock.

“At Long Last Love” Continuity paintings and visualizations of sets and environments.

Other Projects  Universal Studios Tour, MGM Theme Park, ESPN Sports Center and more.


AWARDS           Master of the College. Art Center College of Design

First Faculty Award.  Elected by the faculty of Art Center .

College of Design.  The award included a  $5,000.00 gift from the Reese Foundation.

Seventeen Great Teacher Awards.  Elected by the graduating students at Art Center College of Design.  The last twelve times consecutively.

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of illustrators of Los Angeles.

Best of Show in Illustration West 22

Gold Medal, Best of Category, Illustration West 19

Gold Medal, Best of Category, Illustration West 22

Gold Medal, Best of Category, Illustration West 24

First Prize, Twelfth Annual Key Arts Awards (Movie poster competition).

Silver Medal, Illustration West 28

Award of Excellence, CA Magazine, CA-80

Award of Excellence, CA Magazine, CA-85 (one of two)

Award of Excellence,  CA Magazine, CA-85

Special Judges Award, Illustration West 21 (one of two)

Special Judges Award, Illustration West 21

Special Judges Award, Illustration West 22

Special Judges Award, Illustration West 24

First Place,  International Society of Airbrush Arts, 1985

Founder’s Award American Society of Aviation Artists.

Art Castings of Colorado Award, North American Sculpture Exhibition, 1981.

Beyond Bronze Award, North American Sculpture Exhibition 1983.

First Place,  Experimental Aircraft Association Art Contest, 1990

Director’s and Juror’s Award, 62nd Annual Salon , Springville Museum.

First Place, TIMA 10, color illustration.

Third Place, TIMA 10, color illustration.

First Place, TIMA 11, color illustration.

And more than 100 Certificates of Distinction and Certificates of





                                                Illustration West 33

                                                Ohio Forum of the American Society of aviation Artists.

                                                ASAA 2008, International Aerospace Art Exhibition

                                                (American Society of Aviation Artists).


Addressed the students of East Tennessee State University as part of the “Five Illustrators” exhibition and lecture on illustration.

Addressed the students of Tennessee State University.

Long Beach State University, address on illustration as a career.

Otis Art Institute, on the business aspects of illustration.

Otis College of Art and Design, on the profession of


Brandes Art Institute, lecture and demonstration.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, lecture to high school art teachers on teaching perspective.

UCLA, lecture on motion picture production illustration to a class on production design taught by Ward Preston (Production designer of “Purple Rain and “Airplane”).

Associates in Art, lecture and demonstration.

University of Hartford, lecture to masters students on illustration, 2007.


American Society of Aviation Artists Forum in Scottsdale.  Moderator of a panel discussion on promotion, sales and portfolios of aviation art.

American society of Aviation Artists Forum in Colorado Springs, included in a panel about artist’s studios.



Painting featured in the book “Aviation, a History Through


Multiple paintings in the book “Outstanding American

    Illustrators Today,” Volume one.

Multiple paintings in the book ”Outstanding American

     Illustrators Today,” Volume two.

Painting and mention in the text of the book, “What an Art

     Director Does,” a book on motion picture production


Article entitled “Superb, Outstanding and Excellent” for

     “Design Net” a Korean language design magazine.

Painting in “Foundation” a publication of  Naval Aviation


“Storyboards, Drawing Movies” a book co-authored with

    Ward Preston.  Sylman James Press. Publication





Nine combat missions in Viet Nam as a civilian Artist for the Air Force, 1968.  Paintings in various government facilities.

Featured in Articles

“The Force is With Gary Meyer”.  By Ann Cooper in “Aviation


“Gary Meyer”, article with multiple illustrations in “Design Net”.

“The Latest Vehicle is Supertrain” by Vernon Scott in the “Daily


“Gary Meyer, Illustrator Extraordinaire” in Graphic Arts

         Network’s profiles of prominent artists.

“Who’s Who in the World” 1987/1988

EXHIBITIONS        “Five Illustrators”, Exhibition and lecture at East Tennessee State

University featuring Anita Kunz, Ken Westphal, Margaret Cusack, Robert Berger and

Gary Meyer.  Eight paintings.

Paintings and sculptures exhibited in the following shows:

North American Sculpture Exhibition, two bronze and one

     epoxy sculpture, 1981.

North American Sculpture Exhibition, one bronze

     sculpture, 1983.

Carnegie Art Museum, 1994, one painting.

Illustration West, 1994, one painting

Illustration West 19, one painting

Illustration West 22, five paintings

Illustration West 23, eight paintings

Illustration West 24, two paintings

Illustration West 28, one painting

Illustration West 29, two paintings

Illustration West 30, one painting

Illustrators 22, two paintings (NY Society of illustrators)

Illustrators 24, one painting

Illustrators 26, one painting

Illustrators 27, one painting

Drawn to Expression, Williamson Gallery, Art Center

       College of Design, three paintings.